The use of rope access is now commonplace around the world, on land and offshore; in cities and on coastal cliffs; on ancient buildings and those of 21st century design. Rope access is the preferred method for many working at height, or in areas of confined or difficult access.

Long before the work at height sector came to truly appreciate the significance of formal training, IRATA was devising a training regime that today not only delivers high quality rope access technicians working to a safety creed and a proven syllabus, but enables its work force to follow a progressive route of personal development that can culminate in expertise that includes management and supervisory skills, high grade safety and rescue capabilities

All IRATA technicians are trained by those who have extensive work and instruction experience. Technicians can qualify in three grades but do not progress to higher grade until they have accumulated a set number of hours of experience on ropes. All IRATA technicians have to revalidate their certification every three years, so even the most expert cannot allow their standards to drop. Every IRATA training course is completed with an assessment by an independent senior technician.

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We provide regular Rope Access training for IRATA levels 1, 2 and 3.